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Agricultural fittings are vital for irrigation and for equipment maintenance and repair on farms and in other horticultural locations. However, agricultural fittings can also be necessary in more urban settings. When you or your business is in need of agricultural fittings, the experts at Hydraulic Fittings USA are there to help.

Uses for Agricultural Fittings

Agricultural fittings are largely used in irrigation, but fittings are also used in farm equipment, tanks, sprayers and a large selection of other vital equipment.

Fittings used in the design and maintenance of irrigation systems are generally made of polypropylene (PP) but they can also be made of galvanized steel, PVC, stainless steel and brass. Some of the types of fittings commonly used in agricultural settings include:

Coupling: A coupling simply connects two ends of like pipe together. The coupling may use solvents to connect to the pipe, or they can be threaded.

Tee: This is a three-socketed joint that can also be used for reduction if at least one of the ports is smaller than the others. These fittings are the most common type, and they can be designed in a variety of methods involving threaded sockets or the use of solvent.

Cross: A cross connects four pieces of pipe together in a symmetrical cross design. Crosses create stress on the adjoining pipe due to the fact that they have four connection points. It is advisable to use two tees instead of a cross when possible.

Male and Female Adapters: These fittings are used when one needs to invert the fitted end of a joint from male to female or vice versa for further attachments.

Types of Agricultural Fittings

Fittings used in agricultural settings vary by material. The material chosen is dependent on the specific purpose as well as individual preferences.

Brass - Brass fittings are very durable and reliable. They are also relatively expensive. While plastics are more common for irrigation and lower pressure uses, brass is a very versatile fitting that holds up well in all kinds of moderate circumstances such as harsh weather and excessive pressure.

Stainless Steel - Stainless steel is desirable for its resistance to corrosion, but it is a pricey material.

Who Needs Agricultural Fittings?

Agricultural fittings are necessary in all aspects of farming or other (green) industries, as well as in more urban situations. Any place that has a need for drainage, irrigation or other pressurized or passively pressured systems will require agricultural fittings in both construction and repair.

Agricultural fittings are used in greenhouses, orchards, and farms of every type. Mechanics working in agricultural settings will commonly need agricultural fittings for repair of tractors, pumps and a huge variety of heavy and light farm equipment.

Any situation that makes use of tanks will need agricultural fittings. Whatever the tank may be used to store, the material has to have a method for entering and exiting the tank. This means that fittings are going to be necessary to keep the product flow moving.

Finding the right fitting for a specific job can sometimes be a bit tricky. In some instances, a particular system's design may be outdated, and repair means knowing exactly which type of fitting can replace the existing one. If at any point you are unsure of what fitting you need to complete the job, contact Hydraulic Fittings USA and our experienced professionals will get you set up with the proper materials to do the job right.

Sometimes, what may seem to be the most obvious solution to a fitting problem may not actually be the best choice. Unless you are completely confident in your knowledge of every type of fitting material, it is a good idea to get the advice of seasoned professionals before taking a step you might later wish you hadn't. Fittings are our passion and our livelihood. We are always happy to help you on your project to make sure things turn out exactly how you want, with no surprises.

Specialty Agricultural Fittings

Working in agriculture can result in the need for fittings that are not in the realm of what is mass produced. When this happens, don't rip up long lengths of pipe to make the job work - contact the experts at Hydraulic Fittings USA and have the fitting you need specially manufactured.

Our staff of engineers has a wealth of experience designing and producing fittings of every type, and we can create precisely the part you need in an expeditious manner. Don't let your job run way over cost when all you really need to do is contact Hydraulic Fittings USA to have your problem solved.

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